Why youngsters like Sancho and Haaland cost so much nowdays?

Borussia Dortmund more than the Squad of Dortmund,their name in english, are the Managment Transfer Board Dormund.This name MTBD will fit the club in the same way as BVB.

Politics of the club to produce,find and train talents and then sell them is exeptional and unusual.Exeptional because they manage to be on top and find new players to replace the stars that migrate from the Iduna Park.Dortmund is not Arsenal.Surely.Yes,maybe the team from London had the same policy for years under Arsene Wenger managment and was also in top four,but they failed to create either the identity of a club raising talents nor a winning club.

Dortmund are different.They have won more and they football style is more than a philosophy.They have invented a new way of concepting the footballer career.Famous for the training manners like Footbonaut which increase players pass and technique are a example of inovation.Another is that they produce top managers.Leading normal clubs Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel found Dortmund the opportunity of their life.Klopp sent Dortmund in the Uefa Champions League final back in 2013 against Bayern after winning the bundesliga twice in the previous seasons to end Bayern’s domination and Tuchel who is the current european champion won the german cup with Dortmund before turning into a attracitive option for PSG and Chelsea the club where he works now.

Players like Lewandowski,Halaand,Sancho,Dembele are a Dortmund brand.Maybe they were good but the clubof Ruhr province made them great.





Dembele was sold 120 million euros to Barcelona but his form was not the same.Haaland value is near 200 mln and teams like Manchester United must pay at least 100 mln for Jadon Sancho,who came almost for free from Watford to Dortmund.But what makes them so good and expensive.Here are some facts:

Form.Look at the video to understand their role in the field.

Agents.Ronaldo was sold 92 million from United to Real Madrid and Roy Keane made an epic prediction…”I think Ronaldo was sold cheap…The market went crazy since that day.But some agents are more demanding than the others.Mino Raiola for example.Pogba to United for more than 100 mln ,Ibra’s journey and the last rumours for Haaland are his way of working.

Third reason and the most important is the trend.There is not more powerfull factor than the motivation to operate in a certain way in economics.Same in football industry.Just to remember Leicester made a new training center with the money won by Maguire transfer to United.

Are really these players worthed so much?Answer is easy ,no.Owners of big clubs must resign from the idea to win fast by spending.Barcelona was a good example of producing talents in La Massia academy ,but now they are in the same track with other big clubs like Real which spend most.This mentality brings nowhere with Uefa that should make new rules not to punish certain clubs ,but to bring the attention of  the bigs to the players not as an ecomomic  amount.It helps the football also,the one that is played in the field…