What we will remember from Gerd Muller, the german legend that created the zone attacker profile…

The german profilic attacker and one of the most important figures of the world of football passed away, today, leaving behind a wonderful legacy.

His caps with German National Team helped the country win a World and a European cup.He scored 62 goals in 68 matches being a goal machine and all remember that winning goal against the Netherlands of total football back in 1974 World Cup final.

gerd muller

That winning goal in the final makes nostalgic most of fans in football.He proves that even a wonderfull team can be beaten.

Muller has certainly a important place in Bayern’s Hall of Fame and it is one of the best attackers that Bayern has ever had.He is the Bayern player that has found the net most.Der Bomber has set incredible statistics, that will be difficult to be overpassed by any other attacker.

Maybe alzheimer blocked him, but Gerd will be remebered by all us who follow, love and share the same dedication for this sport, as the attacker that frees from everyone and everything.His football will serve as a manual of playing for the lads that touch and feel the smell of the grass for the first time.