Weather ruins plans of England-India, next test on Thursday.

Match is officially registered as a draw, with some regrets from both sides and we will see what will happen at the Lord’s.

Captains of two teams have reacted about the situation.Kohli of India says that he is lookinf forward for the new test.

“We were expecting rain on days three and four but it chose to come on day five. It would have been enjoyable to play and watch, but it’s a shame. This is exactly what we wanted to do; start strong. On day five we knew we had our chances. We certainly felt like we were on top of the game. Getting that lead was crucial, but it’s a shame we couldn’t finish day five. Getting to fifty overnight was important. We just didn’t want to play for survival. Our intent kept us ahead.”


Joe Root was the best player of Day Four and he certainly was looking for something more…

“The weather disrupted what would have been a very interesting final day. Great Test match to play in and watch as well. Sets up the series really well and hopefully we can take it into the next games. We certainly believed we could win. We knew we would have opportunities if we took our catches and kept our fields. It’s a shame it ended this way. There are certain areas where we want to get better in. We want to get better at the top of the order and take our catches. We need strong characters. We want to keep that enthususiasm in, it is fun scoring runs and a fun game. Really relishing the opportunities in front of us. We have to deal with till the schedule changes and the setup changes.”


We will experience real emotions on Thursday.Teams will be motivated for a tough game.Now they are areadapted with all conditions and above all with the style of play.India and England will seek the first position in the group and these are the matches that will make the difference at the end.