Formula 1

Verstappen wins in Italy,Hamilton chases...

A superb start for the dutchman of Red Bull,who passes Hamilton .He is more than lucky because the safety car is in race after his lead.Second lap and the first accident is registered.Latifi is in the wall.Rain is intense and the pit lain isn’t stable for Schumacher is crashed in the exit.

Sainz gets past to and collects the sixth place in the seventh lap.It’s clear for Hamilton,he has damaged the front wing.Verstappen took the advantage from this situtation to collect some fast laps unconcerned.Ricciardo will have a advantage over Perez,as he gets a time penallty.Nicolas Latifi’vehicle looks like a old one needs to be recycled…


Norris and Ricciardo are comfortable in the fifth and the sixth place ,maybe with the second one being more generous than it should be letting Norris pass him .Middlerace and Hamilton has reduced the gap with Verstappen in 3.2s.Far away to use DRS though.

Sainz  leaves Ricciadro behind in the 26-th lap.Hamilton is very fast,fast indeed but Verstappen is leading exactly in the middle of the race.Two laps later Russel and Bottas are included in a huge crash.

Immiedaly red flag,with safety cars that will lead the pilots in the race interruption.Russel was trying to overtake Bottas ,but both crash and cause an accident.Race started again under security car.Hamilton will start in the ninth place due to his slip few laps ago.

Perez loses his wheel and sees himself in the 14 position.In the next laps we see Hamilton absolutely flying to fourth position.He has taken five positions and register some fast laps.Verstappen has taken a good rhythm today as the race was coming to the end.

Awsome as you can hear Mercedes staff encourage Lewis Hamilton to keep on.Three laps from ending Hamilton breaks Norris,taking the second.Lecrerc and Landon Norris would fight for the last position of the podium.Race ends as Verstappen takes the first postion.Podium is set as Norris was third,Lecrerc fourth,Sainz fifth leaving Ricciardo,stroll and Gasly behind.Spectacular race ,red flag ,and some laps to be remembered.Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is the prelude of the season that is ahead.