Toto Ekambi for a big club, goal poacher and Madrid signs ahead.

Karl is the kind of footballer that is in the best club to shine as Lyon has an amazing reputation to deliver really good players in this industry. Lyon has sold sportmens that shaped the world of football before. Karim Benzema is one, Toko Ekambi is for sure the other name. English Premier is one destination. Madrid is the right club for the player as they seek the right replacement for guess who, Benzema himself. Manchester City is maybe the club that offers more economically and sportively, but competition is high in Manchester right now. Jesus, Grealish and Ferran seem to furfill Guardiola ambitions for now as Ekambi would be such a player for his rose. 07-Karl-TOKO-EKAMBI-ol-during-the-Ligue-1-Uber-Eats-match-between-Nice-and-Lyon-at-Allianz-Riviera-o Lyon never will do the mistake to sell him inside France, with Psg leaving Kylian to Real. Never say never and for Karl Toko Ekambi everything is possible and it is the right direction seek, start, score.