PSG is on top to win Champions this year, here is the reason…

PSG is one of the best clubs in the world and doubts are reduced from a year to another as they are a step better than any opponent in France.

First challenge completed is experience as PSG learned some something from last year elemination with City. Paris passed Barcelona in the first knockout phase. The double game with Barcelona gave everyone the mirage of another winning campaign. Mbappe and Neymar made the preparation as the main club of France faced Bayern in the quarters.

Win in Munich is something that fans in Europe cannot forget. Second part is pure concrete extraordinary game. Attack managed to turn the play in their favour.

Snow seemed to freeze parisien dreams to go into another final. City won the second cleanly to advance. Maybe some tactic to change but Pochetino has something to work.

Messi factor… 

Some gold in in Paris, but some performance needs to be also. Messi is playing well but is good to have some teamplay approachment too.There are some new names that shape a good eleven.


City is the test again. Things are a bit different as Paris have defeated Manchester with Messi security goal. None wants the second place in the groups as Leipzig and Brugge seek unpleasant surprises.

Tomorrow Champions is back. PSG visit Leipzig as they want a secure pass to go in the first place and better draw. Second game in Manchester will decide the outcome of group A. Will it be the year of Paris? Fans hope, board also.