Milan stays in the Champions track,Ibra is card.

Parma dominated in almost all features of the game ,but wasn’t enough.They were better in ball possession 62% to 38%.Parma shot the target five times as Milan did,but homeside shot more off target in total nine.Experience of Milan makes the difference,with Parma finishing the match with some regrets. 


Into the match.

Milan starts it well firstly threatening the target with the decisive midfielder Frank Kessie.He moves well in front of the zone,delievers a powerfull shot but Sepe is there to send the ball high the horizontal post.Nothing to do for the parma keeper two minutes later as he saw Rebic in a good position in front of goal.Ibra produces something of him to present Rebic in front of Sepe ,who had no chance.

Bani takes the first yellow of the game as he touches the ball with hand.The free kick he gave luckily wasn’t converted by Zlatan.Ibra was involves in every attack Milan made in the first twenty minutes.Parma increase their game but they couldn’t equalise.Just before ending the first half Milan doubles their effort with the most productive middle man in their squad ,Frank Kessie.He has enough space to make it two.

Secound half sees Milan 2-0 and Parma made a replacement Gervinho for Cornellius.In the 51 minute Donnarumma block Pelle for the first chance Parma created .Minute 60 ,Zlatan Ibrahimovic is sent off.For what?! A bad reaction after Gaglio of Parma fouls Calhanoglu…Milan have to recalculate this.

Seven minutes later Parma come closer with Pelle who does the right thing inside the zone ,passes to Gaglio who makes it 1-2.Replacement made inceased the physicallity of the game .Milan has better fresh legs.Inspite with ten Dalot shows all his physical supremacy dribbling almost everyone.Then he presents Leao in front of the keeper and the portugese makes it three.

Milan showed some character  today,Ibra collects another red for behaviour.Some reviews can be made in his approachment in the off game situations.His class is permanent but he must keep his nerves.Although Milan are in the Champions League track,a compedition they aren’t in for some time.