Messi will stay,Barca still hold pressure.

They want to keep theie star in the new season and it seems it all is going to Barcelona’s way ,but still are some uncertainty  for the balugranas.

Laporte when returend to Barca as their president came out with the moto “Messi stays”.Fc Barcelona are near a new agreement with the player and his dad who is his agent Jorge Messi.But this waiting period is killing Barcelona as the sponsors are increasing their pressure .They are not clear where Messi will be in the next season.

Lionel won the Coppa America with Argentina and his quotes are increasing inspite the age.All the cules want him to stay at Barcelona as they want to return big in  the next season. He has expressed his will many times to stay at the club that entered him in history.


It has been everything but easy with Barcelona for him in these seasons.We all remember that El Classico ending with Real where Barcelona lost majour chances for la liga.It was all but nevetheless beautiful for Barcelona fans.Though they won the coppa and Koeman hopes to build something starting from Messi. 


Fc Barcelona should keep their focus in many directions as they see sponsors concentrating at Messi renewal and ignore their relations with other players.They recently declined Griezzmann.Barca paid 120 million euros for the french who is also away from the optimal performances.Now is to see where the club managment will direct the transfer wheel with the captain in their board.Because other clubs with ships in their logo are “waiting”in Barcelona’s city port.