Lukaku is projected to be Chelsea’s central figure as Werner turns a possible transfer for Borussia Dortmund.

In Milan is made usual to sell players and then post a paragraph in the club page.

It is like a ritual for both clubs Inter and AC Milan.It was Inter turn to announce officially the deal with Chelsea for Romelu Lukaku.The belgian is now the main man for Chelsea’s front line.

Inter announcement.
Chelsea welcome Lukaku (video) .

A new situation is created at Chelsea.After they loaned Broja at Southampton, deflected somehow the AC Milan interest for Hakim Ziyech, are trying to send Werner at Germany.At last hours Dortmund has asked for more information about the player.Chelsea want to sell and not loan as they evaluate Werner 45 million pounds.

German are not willing to pay, but loan the player as they see themselves favourite as the blues wont sell inside Premier League.Coach Tuchel will consider Timo Werner a second option, but not immidiately.Ziyech will not be with the squad in the first match of premier and this opens spaces for the german.


It is almost practically impossible to compare him with Romelu.Not only for the performance in the pitch, but also in relation with Chelsea also.Romelu knows the club as he has signed previously in the managment of Andre Villas Boas.


But Werner is european champion with the London Blues and nothing changes that.Neither Lukaku’s amazing form, nor the negotiations of summer transfer window.Chelsea will create a group that will be indicated by conditions, rather than decisions and that is the best chance for everyone to show their qualities and values.