Luis de la Fuente borrows his namesake Enrique the heavy weights for the football olympics.

They will play in their full potential in Tokyo and the olympic football team of Spain has all the quality to bring gold in their homeland.

De La fuente has made his calculations and maybe the mentality of winning the medal is easy,take from his colleague Luis Enrique the best of the first team of Spain.It not tricky to guess that the best players are young and they can be part of Spain in Tokyo.We all know that FIFA allows only three players to join the olympics team that are older than 23 years old.

For the Iberians this is not a problem.Asensio,Oyarzabal,Pedri,Olmo and the keeper Simon were the main part of Spain during the Euro 2020.Are they tired.May be but the fans want more from them.We all remeber the own goal of Simon against Croatia…

Not in this case no comment about the video that shows the best own goal of euros.Pedri and Unai simon must be more carefull in summer Olympics.Another aspect that Spain must face is competition of other teams like Germany that are European Champions U-21 and of course