Lots of fatigue against PSG, Marseille resists with Nice to see the next match.

Olympique Marseille is not in the fast track and this is obvious and Dimitri Payet the main man in Velodrome has an opinion about that.

Players were tired in Nice transfer.This is the time for some conclusion.First of all the overall condition of the squad must not be a model for the next games.

Second physicallity must not indicate the behaviour of the players.Last conclusion play is simple in Ligue 1, Payet understands and the managers will start operating new talks.

We had a difficult start, but we reacted well and had a good second half, says Payet.

“The result is quite logical,” explained the Reunion-born playmaker after the match. “We were afraid because we used up a lot of juice on Sunday against PSG. We knew we were going to have a tough time at some point in the game, and it came at the beginning. We could have done better, but we’re still where we should be on the table.”

Now Marseille will plan the next event.Fourth place is a demand.Players and staffchase PSG, Lille and Lyon as cards are mixed for now in this sum of playing situations in France.