Liverpool near Champions...

One minute of silence was held in honour of Prince Philip.Liverpool were as good as Villa was.They have more shots on target nine ,Villa only five.The homeside were dominant in possesion also with 68% of  ball possesion.The overall picture of the match shows a balanced match.Aston Villa played well and created enough chances ,but they saw one point going away in the stoppage time…

Into the match:

Liverpool started very quickly with Salah shooting and Jota claiming a penallty.Big chance for Mohamed Salah as he couldn’t pass the keeper Martinez.All hand cover for Martinez as he stops Firmino in the 17-th minute but the Liverpool attacker was offside.Intense twenty minutes fot the homeside but later on the first half they will adapt the slowliness that cased them six consecutive loses at home .

Slow rhythm and they pay cash.Watkings beats Allison in not a clear one v one situation.Lots of questions for brasilian and his shape who saw the ball slipped from his gloves.Liverpool increased their play and they actually find the equaliser with Firminhoin the last breath of the first half.  The goal results a offside after VAR check.Diego Jota starts the action offside.

Second half starts with a shot from range by Robertson in the 48-th minute.Left back of homeside couldn’t beat Martinez as his shot was saved.Three minutes later Jota didn’t convert as Salah shot in the right side.Liverpool level in the 57-th minute.Robertson shots in the left side a strong diagonal,Martinez deflects it,with Salah violently scouring a header.

Five minutes later after Liverpool’s dominance ,Aston Villa starts to wake.Tresegeut stamp the ball in the left side.He turns to make a second shot ,this time with head but it cuddle the left outside of the net .In all the replacements made by two managers Klopp and Smith ,the one who was above the others was the entrance of Xherdan Shaqiri.

In the last minute which were five ,Liverpool domestically increase the intensity.Shaqiri plays well in the right side where he outplays Matt Targett and crosses for Thiago ,who with a volley forces Martinez to make a brilliant save.Action continuous and Alexander-Arnold cuts inside in the left side and with the right foot finds the corner.Nothing to do for Martinez who strech himself to arrive,but sees the ball in the bottom of the net.A precious advantage in the first minute of the stoppage time.

At the end of the 95 minutes Jurgen Klopp saw his match finally win.Liverpool breaking the curse of Anfield.Firmino sends a ball into Martinez hands one minute before the end.Relief after the tripple whistle as champions league is nearer.