Libyan Academy Football is evolving, who is the recipe that Premier League clubs are following.

Football in Libya is been recreated in recent years with the new format that includes more clubs and academies that contribute in Libyan football.

Sport situation in Libya is not inferior to other countries. Premier League is a championship with tradition. This is not the result that academies want from young footballers. Young football has a different approachment. Coaches in Premier Academies such as Al Ittihad and Al Ahli often experience the same problems as the other clubs.

This not by coincidence. Clubs Academies want to achieve concrete results. Similarity beetween natures of playing football in North Region does not help.

One step is forcing the identity of play of first squads in Premier. This is done through physicallity and strength. Other way of working comes by certainty. Talent needs a good mentor and the coaching crisis that Libya experienced is a good lesson. Tactics include different shapes such as 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1.

Managers now are seeking effectivity in young names and in the style of play. Programme of play is vital as not only academy but also the big squads find the right reality that fits  National Championship and National Team.