Laura Muir confesses the emotion of the silver in Women’s 1500 m athletics.

The british athlete tells about the emotions of the race that resulted in a silver for her.

“I just feel like it’s never gonna happen”, says Muir.Such emotions for her and for british fans that maybe expect a gold this time.Laura has done some good time before and the result in these summer olympics is not casual.

She lost against Faith Kypiegon of Kenya the battle for the first place with a time that is 1s 30 hundred slower than the kenyan’s Faith time.Muir didn’t hide some regret in the first moments after the race, but this result is not below her performace.Quite opposite is a good time 3.54.50.

Now it is time look forward and improve herself in physical aspects, but also phisocologically.These moments are decided more by brain than the muscles.Athlete knows that and as she tells it will be very busy for her.