Kounde nicely turn down Tottenham to stay in Seville.

Tottenham is not an attractive destination for the players with quality and it seems that the majour problem in the club was not Jose Mourinho.

The new manager Nuno Espirito Santo said previosly in the press conference that Tottenham will play for the fans.That was the first signal that they took from the squad.Enviroment in London is not quite good in terms of objectives as Arsenal and Tottenham were all the way to the middletable last season and the most important they saw Chelsea ,the rival of the city become european champions.

Nuno's press conference


Both parties have more than a year negotiating and the transfer it was all done ,but the player as soon as returned from Euro 2020 said no.According to different sources online and friends of the player ,Kounde has expressed the wish to join a better club than Sevilla.Tottenham seems to not furfill the expectacions as the initial offer for Sevilla was 55 mln euros and the second one 30 mln and Sanchez.

The new Tottenham manager has a mountain to climb as Spurs need more than money to complete transfers.And in this market is very hard to secure quality and keep the economical balance.They need extra power to compete for top four in a Premier that is tough and more competitive this season.