Jose Mourinho continues preparing his Roma a season completely different in Italy.

It will be totaly different for AS Roma this year for the mentality,performances but especially about the new approachment that the special one brings in the first season for his squads.


A chance for the youngsters to show what they are capable of .Defenders and attackers are now a mixture of experience and talent.For Mourinho this kind of challenge in not new .He has taken squads from middle level to make them absolute champions.In fact he has succeded more with teams like Inter and Porto.They were champions in their places and he turned them into european winners respectively with Porto in 2004 and Intee 2010.Now he seeks something similar in Rome.

As you probably know that is the second squad he trains in Italy.He made history with Inter back in 2010 when he won everything in a single season.The treble in Italy is his biggest success.In relation to that his ex Inter player Samuel Eto’o said that he would not have done the same thing as Mourinho did when he signed for Roma.Eto’o confesed that he never would go to another team in Italy after Inter’s experience,referring to Jose Mourinho’s new adventure.

“It hurt me, I am not going to lie, to see the one who gave me the chance to win titles in Italy to go to another [Italian] club.

But I know that he is happy and our friendship is above everything. I would have liked to see Mourinho at Inter again. But I will always wish him luck at Roma. But he has to understand that no matter how much I love him, for me Inter will always come before.”



Now Mourinho will try to repeat in Rome what he did in Milan .Returning in San Siro in 24 april of the next year will be so meaningful to him.Hopes are high for a return as a favourite for championship.After all only him can return Roma in high levels.He has done it and can do it again.