Inter could be without a single of main attackers as Tottenham and Chelsea have eyed LuLa as new signings.

Inter are facing a really difficult situtation where their best players in attack might leave the team.

Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez have important offers, respectively by Chelsea and Tottenham.This could result  very unpleasant for the club.

All the football pundits consider finished the Lukaku transfer at Chelsea for around 120 million Euros and a twelve million wage for Romelu in single season as a reward for Chelsea return.


At the other end, Tottenham is serious for Lautaro Martinez and want to pay around 80 million euros for the argentinian.Lukaku is almost a done deal and Inter are afraid that may cause the same effect at Lautaro Martinez.They were crucial last year for the club.Different sources from Milan claim that the club does not want to sell Lautaro.

Lautaro is staying…

But none of these is anymore a valuable information because we have so many rumors that exclude even high profile directors from the club, such as Marotta and Ausillio.


Now they want to lose less in quality, talents are there.Satriano is a promising player.The big question is:Will Inter be able to play without their valuable duo?Let’s see.