Gianni Infantino says FIFA World Cup must be played every two years, what is behind this decision and steps must be taken.

The main man of football probably know that security comes with repetation and other club competitions are taking the stage away from him.

Super League was a process that was expected and none in FIFA was aware that important logos can develop their own races that go against interests of FIFA.

Infantino knows that as he undestands the risks of changing policies in the most important institution in the world of football.

The context of this process comes with changing some priorities in FIFA. Main focus is geography. Second objective is gathering as much people as possible where values of each nation can be expressed in an equal enviroment.This topic of course will be the main object of discussion with many groups such as journalists, managers, club directors and actors in FIFA and continental institutions.The conclusion we will see might surprise many but this is for the best of football and developing scouting and young players.