Game of nerves between Real Madrid and PSG about Mbappe.

Latest news from Madrid confirm that the board of Real is waiting for Mbappe’s case like they did with Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2009.

We cannot confirm if Perez himself has instructed the club to wait, but one thing is sure, Real Madrid is near getting Kylian.This tactic gives some anxiety to PSG board and the director Leonardo, who did not hides his displeasure about the opearation.

Let’s refer to the operation that brought Ronaldo in Madrid.Club makes the offer, wait for the other club by not insisting and that puts some pressure to other negotiation club.Munchester sold Cristiano Ronaldo for around 90 million euros.PSG has in table 168 million euros with Real  “waiting”.In madrid they know exactly what this means.For PSG it would be a star fallen from their Galaxy team. After all Real won the nickname first “Los Galacticos” and they know how to collect new stars.