Paris continues,Bayern are eleminated with heads up.

The match played in Paris was of another level.PSG has the best indidual players in the world ,but Bayern were such a squad.Some regrets about the Germans,But Paris is qualified ,missing so many chances.


Into the match.

In the first twenty minutes squads are studying each-other.Mbappe is dangerous in several moment ,with the first one in the fourth minute ,caught offside.In the second Hernandez’s adapting in a central role is functioning ,with his speed useful to stop Mbappe.

Next minutes were fire.Bayern has two shots in a fraction of a minute,Sane and Kimmich shooting just wide in the right side of Navas.Minute 27 is full of emotion,chance in the other target two minutes later.Mbappe accelerates in the left side and present Neymar with Neuer.First duel german keeper is the winner.

Minute 34 ,Neymar hits again .Same side the left,Neuer deflectes a shot to keep the ball out of left corner.Mbappe is unstopable in the left side with Boateng who concedes a foul against him.Neymar dances in the Bayern’s zone three minutes after the first chance,lift his aim and finds the bar with a calibrated shot.Left corner of Neuer seemed to be cursed with Neymar hitting the left post.Mbappe presented again him with Neuer ,this time the gardian was more than lucky.

Choupo Moting finds the ball,the right time after several attempts in the zone of PSG and scores with a header in the fourty minute.Drama for PSG at the end of the first half.They conceded one minute after the post.Bayern leads.Next action…Mbappe choose to perform his dance,plays with Hernadez lack of central defending,creates a chance and sends the ball out in the right side.Incredible.

Bayern has character .German champions can’t stand the PSG supremacy.Alaba tests the skills of Navas.He saves a powerful shot in the right side.First minute of stoppage time Sane is in the zone shoots,but Navas saves again.Finally some break with the first half ending with this episode.

Second started where the first ended.Alaba has too much space in the edge of the sixteen.Too much for his quality.He shots but it goes well wide in the left corner.Seems that target is closed in the left section.Minute 48 Mbappe choose to play with Kimmich this time,gives the ball to Paredes who set a brilliant chip to give Neymar a 1v1 situation with Neuer.Guess what.Brasilian sends the ball  to the empty seats of Parc de Princes.

Paris played brilliantly in 1v1 situations everywhere in the field ,accept in the duels with Neuer.Neymar combines well with Mbappe after several dribbling,the french international does his thing and sends the ball to Di Maria .He passes the ball below Neuer’s hands and Neyamar couldn’t deflect the ball in .One meter from the line with an emmpty target…


A sub was made afterwards. Diallo is injured,Bakker is in.This costs Pochetino a sub.Muller is a positon to score but misses in front of Navas in the 62-nd minute.Flick made one also ,Musiala for Davies to give Bayern more options in attack.Pochetino is all in .Kean subs Draxler.Five players of PSG have attacking orientation now…

Kean has the first chance in the 77 minute.With Pavard in front of him shoots bad.Mbappe scores offside one minute later.Minute 83, the most important of the game,tough game in the midfield,ball goes to Sane who enters in the zone and sends the ball wide…Last minute Neyamr is for the third time in front of Neuer.Sweeper keaper cleans it with style ,arriving to the ball before the brasilian.Hernandez deny him once more in the added minutes with Mbappe who is desperated.


Spectacular,very intense for the match that was the final of the last year.Subs in the last minutes balanced PSG which are now qualified.Bayern was the chaser ,not much in the game ,as in the result.Koman could qualify Bayern,but he missed a near header. Parisians go through in joy to complete the job started last year.