Foden leaves Dortmund home,City with play with PSG in the semis.

The illusion  of Bellingams’s early net promised a good night for Dormund.Individual mistakes costed them .Can did it all wrong in two legs.City are now qualified thanks to the comeback .Scored Mahrez with a penallty and Foden ,to show that the english team had something more.

Into the match.

Match started with both sides managing their positions with the ball.City alternate postions and the duo Silva,Mahrez combine a unexpected relationship.First Minute Dahood sends one staight at Ederson.Quarter an hour game, Stones loses his concentration, Halaand escapes,ball in the center for Bellingam,who scores in the left corner.Ederson touch the ball but it is so high and accurate for him.Deadlock broken.Calculations change..

City played well although.Gundogan and De Bruyne play in the same side.The belgium international takes a pass from Gundogan and shoots powerfully.Crossbar…Unlucky for him as Bernardo Silva claims a penallty afterwards.

The game was going to a middle rhythm in the half hour of the game.City has a free kick and then a corner with De Bruyne ,but without any great risk.Two minutes after Foden return in the game a dead ball and Mahrez is in front of the keeper.Hitz saves to deny him.A special feature from this game is that both teams attack with close positions of players ,but don’t concretise at the end.

Last ten of the first half the level is increased .Zinchenko shoots a header but Hitz says no.First half ends in a balanced performance.Dortmund are one ahead and likely to qualify…

Second half started more intense.Stones makes his homeworks with Halaand and concedes a foul.More concentration and aggressivity though.Minute 55 game on …Mahrez with a penallty.Can naive with a weak clearence, first a header and then a unlucky touch with a hand.

Terzic isnt happy with the game .Knauff is out ,Reyna in, at the 68 minute.In that action Hummels comes with a header.The ball is over crossbar. Dortmund had a organised ball possesion,but they were not decisive.In the 74-rth De Bruyne created some space in the edge of the zone shoots,but Marvin Hitz is amazing.One minute later Foden surprises Hitz with a shot in the same corner ,bottom left.Post and in .City are surely in the semis with fifteen minutes to go.

Zinchenko shoots a powerful one but is central.Dortmund were open at the end.Dortmund tried some more but their iniciative was blocked.City has a counter with Foden and Mahrez combining.Algerian winger is confused.Perhaps he thought it as minifootball trying to dribble all opponents.Substituted one minute later with Sterling.Good match for him as he equalised with a penallty.Sterling has a chance but doesn’t score later on.

Manchester City are qualified. They will face PSG in the semifinals of the Uefa Champions League.Credits for the team from island that were one back in the first half.They showed some character today.For the germans they need to see some things for the next season.They probably will not play in Champions League because are low in Bundesliga.They played well in the european window this year ,but City were stronger.Strong enough to break the utopy of quarters.