Djokovic plays the first game with Fuzovitz, here are the stats for each player.

Best tennist debute today in Paris in a test which is easy in the first eye, but keep difficulties as Fuzovitz played some sets plus.

Three to be exact as he kicks out Fabio Fognini 6-1, 6-7, 7-6.Tie breaks in last sets but this not decourage the 29 years old. Hungarian number 40 in ATP rankings is not an easy obstacle. He is very resistant a characteristic that followed him since 2009, when he started playing this sport.

Tennis Scores full stats.

Serbian meanwhile has all the capability to defeat any opponent. But old days are old days. Now he needs to spend more to win.Matches become more intense and this is energy missed in the final steps.


Court will show who will perform better. Both tennists have strong bones. Nerves will determine the game. Djokovic is used to take matches step by step. Fuzovits knows that and he cames prepared.