Dannil Medvedev is one step ahead of Djoko and this is not a good sign for the number one.

The US open final was spectacular and we saw a behaviour that will change many things in Grand Slam tournaments.

Dannil Medvedev is too quick for Novak right now and this is not seen as a momental state for both tennis players, but as a process that is been warned.

Djokovic is not anymore the steelman and this indicates in his performances.His style of play has lost effectivity not only because of physical conditions but also because that opponents know his game.

Medvedev opened the game playing from one side to another and that costs to serbian.He loses important points as the stamina and endurance are not the same.

That is ABC for the russian, who beats Nole almost in every point.This final is a deserved conclusion of what we have seen and a product of training, continuity and stamina from Medvedev who seeks the first place in ranking and shows a new model of what we will see in Grand Slam from now on.