Cristiano Ronaldo is Juve’s main face to invite fans to go in stadium.

Juventus has decided to invite fans to buy tickets for the new season with the image of their best player,Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugese was not only exeptional indidually with Juventus last season ,but also had a good tournament with Portugal.Maybe Messi broke his record in instagram with more likes in a single post,but Cristiano is still a high profile image that sells a ton and the main player for Juve.

Many transfer rumours see Ronnie out of Juventus but the board wants him .Older ,better like wine and Ronaldo’s stats are only growing.Many pundits see his performances unusual and try to explain the reasons behind that.Maybe cola and diets,yes but Ronaldo is way better and self-disciplined.


Now the portugese player will seek something more than the coppa Italia,which he won last season and try to be a key player for Juve also in Uefa Champions League.

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