Could Fiji repeat the gold medal of Rio 2016 ?

They have the group and the talent and determination will be their biggest advantage in these summer Olympics.

Managing this team will be difficult and Gareth Baber  knows that.They will face the runners up of Rio Great Britan and this time the british side comes well prepared.The game with Japan will also have it own specifics as they play in home and support inspite Covid is obvious.

Now it a big stage ahead ,again and the coach is fully confident especially after the 6 out of six winning qualification campaign.

“The biggest challenge for all of our teams is, where are we at? Because, ultimately, if you play in any league or series or whatever it may be in sport, you start to get an understanding and a measure, and you start to get to a rhythm with the way that you play.As coaches, you’re able to reflect on how you have played and move the group on, and you just don’t have that. So we haven’t had a normal mechanism for players developing the game and for us to develop the way we are as a culture. And so we’ve had to do a lot of work around that. The Oceania tournament gave us an opportunity to have a good look at that and all those aspects that build into performance from an individual perspective, but also from a team perspective. And, you know, we were robust, we were strong. We didn’t play great in every game and there were areas of our game that we [must] keep working on,”said Baber after qualification.

Now Tokyo is another story and Fiji has to find their way of performing in these olympics that will be played in anormal conditions.