Chelsea see options for the future,give albanian Broja a contract.

Kings of  european football give the albanian attacker Armando Broja a lifetime opportunity.He will play at Chelsea the club that he started his Career since he was nine.

Broja was on loan at Vitesse in Netherlands where he scored 11 goals in 34 appearences.The stiker is also known for the terrible miss with the empty netduring his time at Vitesse not once ,but twice.But this did not indicated at his form and his performances with Vitesse.

He was exeptional at Vitesse though and his performances with Albania are growing.Must say the young attacker was the only player that put a foot in english half in that Albania-England game of 28 march of this year.He has been in pressure especially in the national team and the albanian punditry ask maybe more than Broja can do for his age.

It was Jamie Redknapp for the albanian media Supersport that made a short but predictive description about Broja’s game against England.Chelsea has evaluated all these factors to give Broja a new chance in the Premier after they sold Giroud to AC Milan.Blues has seen the attacker performance in continuity and his numbers are not bad.

Now it’s all in players feets and mentality to respond positively to Tuchel because after all he knows Chelsea more than Tuchel.Broja also must understand the system of playing in Albania and the philosophy of the albanian national team Edy Reja.He plays with three same as Tuchel,but has a diffensive approachment ,meanwhile Chelsea is more balanced.Armando Broja must adapt to these manners of play ,stay calm, produce good moments and he has all the quality to do that.