Championship cancelled in Morocco, music in ears of Infantinno’s critics.

The governing body of world football decided back in 2020 that the U17 football championship will not be held in Morocco due to COVID-19 pandemic.

This decision comes as a bidirectional for the scouts and the agents that follow the football in Africa and worldwide.First of all in the direction of safety and health security of footballers, medics, coaches, federation members.

Second direction is a bit more complicated.That include the FIFA policy in event development.None moves a muscle where the stage is not for the “grown ups”.Furthermore, even in big stages the event loses it’s own importance when the context is with particular features.That means that all is about sponsors and investment.

Hosts of Morocco and eleven other teams expect the ending of pandemic to play the tournament in another date.Sure this will not change anything in FIFA.All we learn from CAF is that they know already how to face these problems and they must seek for solutions in their own countries.