Brazil repeat themselves after Rio,gold and glory in Tokyo.

Brazil gets the second gold medalin Men’s Football after defeating Spain 2-1 in the final.

It started well for Brazil as Cunha made null the dissapointment for previous Richarlison missed penallty as he scores in the extra time of the first half.Selecao are the best side on the filed,but spanish experience inspite age makes the difference and Mikel Oyarzabal takes the time from Dani Alvesh and equalizes in the 61 minute.


Match in the extra time,strong emotions for both sides.Here is the work and the dedication of trhe managers that gives that feature of champion to a team.De La Fuente of Spain had Asensio and Merino out to bring Gil and Soler in at the begining of the second half.He brings Miranda and Vallejo in the end of the game.Brazil makes one substitution at regular game Malcon in for Cunha and that’s the key.

Malcom Oliviera gives the gold medal to National Team of Brazil after beating Unai Simon one on one in the first extra time.Minute 108 and joy for the south americans.


Last minutes see spanish team claim for penallties,but the result doesn’t change.They are again on top of the football world.Brazil deserves and history is in their side.Young generations that are gold in consecutive Olympic Games will reflect that in majour tournaments in football.Time will make them even better and for most of Brazil players that isn’t just an expression, but a way of developing their career and send Brazil, their football pride, in new heights.