Backheel to leave Barca back.

Real won it through the anxiety,last minute post,heavy rain and a complete match in the height of the reputation.El Classico was spectacular,physical and breathtaking.Real Madrid is the winner ,maybe lucky after the whole 90,but what a match played in an enourmous intensity…

Into the match:

Starts with the highest level for Barca ,which adapts Dest as a winger.Messi is in the center with Dembele trying to exploit the left wing.Real Madrid increases the level of the game with Vini who is simply too fast for Barca defenders.In the 13 minute was Valverde who cuts inside in the right side ,with Pedri vanished from his position.He gives a pass for Vasquez in the right side.Alba was outplayed also.Vasquez doesn’t miss the chance to give a horizontal low ball for Benzema who makes it 1-0.A backheel from the best nine in the world as Zidane calls him.

In the next ten minutes it was Barca’s turn to give a spectacular tactical show.Real although was defending with two lines behind the ball making it impossible for Barca to break in.Messi exhanges position with Dembele in the 25 minute and coming a bit closer in the midfield position.Real was expecting their chances in the counter attack.Vinicius again exploit the space and Araujo gets a yellow card for stopping him in the edge of the sixteen.Kroos takes it and Dest deflects the ball and makes an assist for Alba who deflects the ball with a header in his own net.Terrible.

Real kept the good level.Valverde shots the post in the 34-th minute.Some signs were shown with Vasquez who was injured in the left knee later on.He was replaced by Odriozola in the 43-rd minute.That episode gives Barca wings.Messi hits the bar from the corner in the last minute of the first half. The second half  resulted in a different atmosphere.

The second half starts with Barca increasing intensity,rain starts.Mingueza makes 2-1 with some part of knee-foot.Real find the rhythm back with Vinicius bursting in the left side and crosses the ball,Araujo deflects,sending in the left post two minutes after the goal in the 62-nd minute.

Nacho takes a yellow for the foul against Messi in the coming action.Fresh legs were in the pitch,Asensio replaced Valverde and Busquets out for Roberto.Griezmman was in the field since the beginning of the secound half to open the game.Kroos has a chance with a header to make it three ,but it doesn’t score.Mingueza shots in the 71 minute but the ball goes wide the right post defended by Curtois.

Moribo starts the anxiety for Barca fans with a shot with a header in the 75 minute.Barca was all over the Real Madrid’s half to take a point ,risking some counter.Marcelo has a good chance on the last minutes ,couldn’t shoot.Casemiro takes two yellows in a fraction of a minute,the second for a foul against Mingueza.Rain like roop and hopes in a hook ,with the last seconds of anxiety.Corner for Barca,Ter Stegen is out ,Moriba shoots the bar with Ter Stegen who shoots again but blocked by his teammate Roberto.Final whistle ,three points for Real , wet but winners to chase Atletico and La Liga open like never before.