Atletico Madrid are the new spanish champions.

A achievement for the manuals of managing for Diego Simeone,second in his career ,they are becoming champions by spending not to much ,build,play and win.

Last time they finished first in Spain had a very compact team.Players like Godin who scored in Camp Nou to secure championship for Atletico,Miranda ,Diego Costa weren’t stars before joining Atletico.It was the club that tranformed them from good to great.Another interesting fact was that Atletico took for free a Barca attacker in the beginning of the season 2013-2014,David Villa.Atletico went to the final of the Champions League that year.

Today names are differnet the philosophy the same.Atletico gets for free from Barcelona in the beginning of the season Luis Suarez,a precious gem in their artilery,El Pistolero scored 21 goals this season with goals against Osasuna and Valladolid that gave the title to Atletico.